Friday, December 3, 2010

Nature and Knowledge

This project is pretty special to me. I tried to show how we have so much knowledge about the natural world, but everything we learn only leads to more questions. We have libraries full of books to explain what nature does every day. Books go on and on but nature isn't bound by language. It does things that takes scientists generations to put into language. It is so easy as a scientist to get caught up in charts and graphs and publications, but an overwhelming awe of the beauty and complexity of nature is what drove our quest for knowledge of the natural world in the first place.
Life cycle of a leaf
Leaf to Flower to Fruit

These flowers belong to the family that these books discuss. Emphasizes my point
Sort of an idea I had about a library of nature. Instead of checking out a book to learn something you go and check out something alive and learn about it by looking at it. Get out of the lab and remember why you like biology
The little details are what people spend their lives on. But there is so much more than that
Caught up in graphs

You may not be into it. You may not get it. But its important to me. Thanks for looking and much love.