Friday, June 25, 2010

Scott and Chelsie Slideshow

So at the wedding I just did, my second shooter, Josh Rodstein, took some video of the groom, Scott, seeing the bride, Chelsie, for the first time in her dress and other wedding regalia. We decided it would be cool to make a slideshow with video clips mixed in. So I threw this together last night on iMovie. Never used the program before but it's pretty fun. I might do more of this. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chelsie and Scott

Chelsie and Scott are such a fun couple. Their wedding perfectly displayed how a simple backyard wedding can be elegant and fun. They were such easy going people it made for a really stress-free day. I loved shooting them and their son, who is adorable! My good buddy Josh Rodstein joined me as a second shooter at this wedding and he NAILED IT! I tried to get a ring shot of their son, Mason, holding the rings but since he is a just a little tyke everything in his hands goes instantly into his you get an even cuter shot than you had originally planned! Thank you Chelsie and Scott for having me and being such awesome clients!

Much Love Kiddos!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kenny+Jessica+Little Frogs=Great Day!

Man, some days you just never expect. I feel like I have done a goodly amount of weddings and kind of have a groove and a rhythm. But its life's little surprises that makes it all worth while. I showed up at this wedding thinking it would be normal. But I forgot that I was shooting with the great Dylan Mayer. He always keeps me on my toes and I learn sooooooo much from him. The thing that was crazy was that Dylan decided it would be a good idea to catch the little frogs that were around the lake. "Get me like 5 frogs." I kind of just laughed and went on shooting. "You got those frogs yet?" Dylan says. "Are you serious?" I couldn't believe my job that day would be to catch frogs. "Yeah man just get me like 5. It'll make a dope ring shot." I sort of took a deep breath and grabbed a cup. As I am bent over trying to catch frogs I had a rather humorous inner monologue. "I have a Masters degree in plant biology. I am a decently smart fellow. I am on my hands and knees at a wedding catching frogs." I sort of laughed to myself and realized that anytime Dylan has sent me to do a crazy adventure like this...the photos turn out amazing. The wedding was super fun and I had a great time hanging out with Dylan and getting back in the groove of shooting. My frog shot didn't turn out super great...mostly because I was doing the frog placement and Dylan was doing the shooting. Check his blog HERE for the true awesomeness. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Every year on Memorial Day weekend my uncle Eric goes camping in Gualala, CA. I try every year to join him. It's such a beautiful place and provides the sanctuary and solace that my soul needs every so often in order to keep me from straying any deeper into insanity. I had such a great time kicking back with my family, playing some guitar around the campfire, and enjoying the outdoors, I didn't want the weekend to come to a close. But, I find myself back here in Riverside. Somehow I am more functional than I was when I left. Sometimes with all the craziness of life you forget what its like to just let your soul breathe. I was able to snap some photos while I was out on some walks and such although that really wasn't the aim of the trip in any way. I considered even leaving my camera at home but with countryside as beautiful as it was, I am fairly certain I would go insane if I wasn't able to take a few pictures.

Uncle playing cards.

Brother and Cousin.