Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Every year on Memorial Day weekend my uncle Eric goes camping in Gualala, CA. I try every year to join him. It's such a beautiful place and provides the sanctuary and solace that my soul needs every so often in order to keep me from straying any deeper into insanity. I had such a great time kicking back with my family, playing some guitar around the campfire, and enjoying the outdoors, I didn't want the weekend to come to a close. But, I find myself back here in Riverside. Somehow I am more functional than I was when I left. Sometimes with all the craziness of life you forget what its like to just let your soul breathe. I was able to snap some photos while I was out on some walks and such although that really wasn't the aim of the trip in any way. I considered even leaving my camera at home but with countryside as beautiful as it was, I am fairly certain I would go insane if I wasn't able to take a few pictures.

Uncle playing cards.

Brother and Cousin.


  1. it is good to take the time to renew yourself and photograph for yourself.

    You have grown a lot in the last year. I like looking at your blog! Good Job Cousin!

  2. A berry flower and a bee! Nice shots :)